Our Programmes


The music & movement program draws its strength from the Orff-Schulwerk, an approach in developing the child through the unity of music, speech and dance. Rhythmic work is used to stimulate the senses for co-ordination, concentration and communication.

 In a safe and nurturing setting, improvisation with the voice (singing and speaking), instruments and the body (movement and dance) is thoughtfully layered to lead the child into a joyous experience in the cognitive and affective domains.


The baking class creates opportunities for children to get hands-on with learning Maths and Science concepts when they measure and observe changes. Such concept will then be made visible as students document their learning on activity sheets and event recall activities. What’s more, the children will go home with freshly baked yummy goodies!


Our art class is designed to help children understand perception and concept of space. Furthermore, Dr James S Catterall from the University of California has researched that children who participate in the various forms of art for at least three hours, three days a week are more likely to be recognised for academic achievement.   

ICT (Internet and Computer Training)

We are aware that our students are constantly challenged and tempted by the internet. Therefore we have designed this programme to equip our children to protect themselves from any form of cyber threat and learn more about computer skill.

This basic internet and computer training programme introduces students to simple word processing and design. Safety skills in using the internet to gain information will also be taught when students are surfing the net.

Social Communication

We understand the importance of social communication for the children and created this specially structured programme to help them improve their communication skill. This step-by-step programme assist students to pick up essential skills in social encounters thus enhances their communication skills.

Camps & Outings

We organise local & overseas camps and special outings during the school holidays. Each camp has different themes and the children enjoy themselves thoroughly! Call us at 63450790 for more information one month before each term break.